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There is a man with blond hair playing the cello.

He is wearing a blue suit.

There is a woman with her mobile phone. She seems to be sending text messages.

She is sitting on a bench.

She has brown hair.

She is wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of blue trousers.

Her handbag is next to her, on the grass. It is pink.

There is a woman laying on the bench.

She looks like she is sleeping.

She has red hair / her hair is red.

She is wearing a pink dress.

She has a blue handbag.

It's sunny.

There is a man taking pictures of the concert.

He has brown hair.

He is wearing a blue cap, blue jeans and a brown t-shirt. His shoes are blue too.

There is a man with black hair playing the drums.

He is wearing also a blue suit.

There is a green robot playing the saxophone.

There are two girls doing judo on a yellow rag.

They are wearing a white kimono.

There is a young girl riding a horse / doing horse-riding.

She is blond.

She is wearing a red helmet, a blue shirt, a pair of white trousers and black boots.