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Jennifer Lopez


by Nina Arsenović


1. Background

2. Personal characteristics

3. Achievements

4. Current situation

5. Why I admire her/him

6. Useful links

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1. Background

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Born July 24, 1969, in the Bronx, New York, Lopez began her career as a dancer, appearing in stage musicals and various music videos.

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She was married to salsa icon Marc Anthony and they have twins. Twins' names are Emme and Max.


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Jennifer is a person who is very active in the world of show business. She is very hardworking, motivated and committed to her work. She also acts like an extrovert. Jennifer has been deeplyinvolved in charites. In May 2005, she became the first national celebrity spokesperson for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

In December 2017, Lopez announced that she would be donating 1 million dollars to the humanitarian aid for Puerto Rico.

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In addition to her work in the entertainment industry , Jennifer owns a clothing line called J.Lo. Her line is the most successful clothing line of artists on the industry market. Furthermore, she is planning to launch a fashion accessory line.

Jennifer Lopez's first album "On The 6" was 8 times platinum. Lopez's first single "If You Had My Love" was #1 for more than 9 weeks.She is the first actress and singer to have a movie ("The Wedding Planner") and an album ("J.Lo") at #1 in the same week. Her second album "J.Lo" was 5 times platinum. Lopez was the first Latina actress to star in a leading role in film since Rita Hayworth retired in the 1970s.Lopez was the highest paid Latina actress in Hollywood in 2003.

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Jennifer Lopez now lives in LA with her kids and boyfriend/husband Alex Rodriquez. She is 51 years old.Jennifer has recently released a new song called ,,Pa Ti". In addition to being a singer, she continues to be involved in acting

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She does everything and totally owns her space in the She does everything and totally owns her space in the entertainment and business worlds like few women have. H entertainment and business worlds like few women have. H

I like Jennifer primarily because she is highly independent and has managed to build a career on her own.She started taking singing and dancing lessons when she was just 5 years old. Today, Jenny owns her own production company, Nuyorican Productions and her net worth is now $400 million.

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