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3 Stages of Learning




Initial Exploration

Here students experience (see, hear, etc.) learning materials for the first time. Interactive and animated learning materials like the ones made with Genially can keep students exploring their lesson content with interest. You can use Genially to add hidden layers of information for students to discover, increasing the amount of time they spend discovering and thus processing new information.

Summary and Assimilation

This stage in traditional classrooms can be summed up as “note-taking”. More modern approaches have looked to expand this stage of assimilation with the addition of hands-on activities. Here the goal is for students to cement the basic concepts of the lesson.


Here, teachers give students the opportunity to connect the dots, connecting lesson content to that of past lessons, their own lives, etc. This stage is important as it shows students why the lesson should matter to them in the first place. Teachers can give students a chance to give opinions on what they’ve learned as a way to further this process. It’s also a good moment for teachers to check students’ understanding.