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Click on the lightbulb to gain access to the LFNTX Google Folder. Make sure you are signed into GOOGLE.. Learning Foward North Texas. LFNTX 20- 21 Meeting Dates. Have Questions???. Contact info Link. #LFNTX. Click computer to fill out and get acccess to LFNTX colleagues!. Problem of Practice Survey. Click on the bar graph to fill out the Google form on potential problems of practice for the 20-21 school year. We will use the data to form our Colloborative Groups.. Click on the clock for LFNTX 20-21 dates. Save them on your calendar.. Click on the picture for contact info.. Click on the check for a list of items to think about if you are up to host.. 1. 2. 5. 4. 3. 6. LFNTX Folder. Sign up on LFNTX to get Notifications. Follow LF on Twitter!. ***All pictures have links or info***. District Hosting Checklist. Email Lisa Ham at ed@learningforwardtexas.orgEmail Carrie Saunders at carrie.saunders@risd.org. Have you sent Carrie your hosting information to be posted to the Learning Forward North Texas site? (at least one 1 week before)What topic will you deliver to the group? Who will facilitate the learning for the group?What virtual platform will you use? (Zoom is preferred while we are meeting virtual)What time will meet for our learning together?