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PureStation™ Sink Inserts

standard sizes onlymust orderby 12/31/20

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Drop-in basin that raises the depth of deep reprocessing basins to reduce back bending and strain Each insert includes a temperature strip, mixing well for detergent dilution, overflow handles, and volume fill lines

must orderby 12/31/20

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GelPro® Anti-Fatigue Mats

• Helps reduce discomfort and fatigue caused by strenuous periods of standing Low-profile, durable edges prevent tripping Cart-washer safe, and ideal for decontamination rooms

PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink

Single basin, height-adjustable sink that is ideal for larger instrument reprocessing, such as: robotics, orthopedic sets, flexible scopes, or laparoscopic instrumentsPackage includes:• Standard faucet• Volume etching plate• FlexiPump, tubesets and accessory kit• Soaking timer• Automated dose pump• Light hood• Arrives pre-installed

PureSteel Mobile Soaking Station

Provides a dedicated space for soaking robotic surgical devices and larger orthopedic instrumentsPackage includes:• FlexiPump, tubesets and accessory kit•Gallon holder• Soaking timer • Automated dose pump• Integrated power• Arrives pre-installed