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2 years project monitoring

SHui project

Pending report and tasksSome deliverables and milestones are delayed for several reasons.First at all, COVID-19 lockdown have affected to field experiments and some specific activities and internal meetings.Additionally, WP2 reports have changed their due data for a better refination and calibration of the tools and synchronize tasks between them. The new due data are as follow:MS4Beta-release of TreeWat 1.0Nov20MS18 Mid-term review by External Advisory BoardD2.1 Calibrated AquaCrop` model for Shui WP2 Oct 20D2.3Preliminary design of fully coupled hydrologic-crop growth model WP2 Nov 20D2.4 Evaluation of the plot and small catchment scale WP2 Oct 20D5.4 Report on water and climate related land use policies WP5 Oct 20

Several articles have been published during this period related to SHui:1. Determining threshold values for root-soil water weighted plant water deficit index based smart irrigation. Partner Publication CAU & ARO2. Introducing water stress hysteresis to the Feddes empirical macroscopic root water uptake model. Partner Publication CAU & ARO3. The influence of tree soil management on soil organic carbon stock and pools in dehesa systems. Partner Publication IAS-CSIC4. Water modelling approaches and opportunities to simulate spatial water variations at crop field level.Partner Publication CSIC & UCO

1st Periodic Report approvedTechnical and Financial periodic report have been approved. Review report is available in:1st Review reportTo improve the implementation, main recommendations can be summarized as follow:Strengthen the effort on the "Open data platform" for increasing datasets availability.Refine & calibrate the modelling tools to reach a more robust system.Giving that the SW/APP will be intended not only for insiders, please define the characteristics of user friendliness of the product and user experience.Increase the stakeholders’ involvement, with a specific reference to participatory activities,Significantly enhance the communication and dissemination activities externally oriented.Strengthen the relations with the Chinese project partners to stimulate their active participation.

Deliverables and Milestones finalized with success and delivered to the EC during this period. Documents are available for partners in:DeliverablesDeliverables:D4.3 Management maps defining objectives functionsD3.1 One way coupled land surface-crop modelling systemD6.6 Communication and Dissemination report, including networking activitiesMilestones:MS9 Assimilation of satellite-based remote sensing data into coupled land-surface & cropgrowthmodelMS11 Prototype set of models optimising objective functions release

Webinars and WorkshopsThe following webinars and workshops have been held in the last 4 months. These webinars have been developed virtually with many attendees. Webinars are focused on topics for young scientists.1. How to be a qualified graduate or PhD student.15th June 20202. Partial rootzone drying: from laboratory to commercial practice? 29th June 20203. Remote Sensing and GIS Workshop. 22 July 20204. AquaCrop Online Workshop. 20th-24thJuly 2020