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We help you on the path from an idea to a finished product. Our food development and test production facilities create an environment for preparing test batches of food and food ingredients. We help recognize possibilities that take trends into consideration, and help develop prototypes into functional solutions with e.g. required labelling or production technologies.

TRL 5-8.

Gain competitive advantage and map consumer insight through consumer research and product tests. Our consumer research services can also provide you with practical tools to help improve your business. We can focus the research or tests to services or products, such as food stuffs, product packages and concepts, or consuming behaviour and shopping environments.

TRL 2-8.

Prove the physiological effects and health benefits of food and food constituents, beyond traditionally accepted nutritional effects, with studies and literature reviews. Our main methods in proving the effects are in vivo -clinical studies and in vitro -gut model.

TRL 1-4.