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paella and flamenco music

The capital of Spain is Madrid, the most populous city in Spain and the second largest city in the EU. Its landmarks include the Retiro Park which belonged to the Spanish monarchy until the late19th century, Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Golden Triangle of Art comprised of three art museums including the Prado.

The city is also filled with fun treats and market food options. Ironically, one of the most famous items in this land-locked city are the bocadillos de calamares, which are fried calamari sandwiches.

Barcelona is found in the region of Catalonya. It's home to the Sagrada Familia and other famous building constructed by Antoni Gaudí.

Each town and city has an annual fair. In Andalucia, attendees often dress up in dresses like the ones pictured below. People go to the fair to dance with their friends and eat at the different "casetas" there.

Flamenco music is from southern Spain (Andalusia).