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Cognitive Presence. CoI in Practice. Community of Inquiry(CoI). Learners are:posed questions for discussioninvited to reflectencouraged to share information. www.genial.ly. Social Presence. Creating an online community for learners. What is a CoI?. Facilitator:encourages discussionprovides methods of reflectionprovides ongoing feedback. Kristin Palmer, Online Learning Programs Director, University of Virginia. A community of inquiry is an intentional design approach to create learning experiences that are interactive, collaborative and transformative (Vaughan, Cleveland-Innes and Garrison, 2013).. Learners:create profilesrecord introductory videosengage in online forums. Teaching Presence. CoI Strategies. References. Palmer, K. (2020, May 13). CoI overview without slides. [Video file]. Retrieved from https://cte.virginia.edu/resources/applying-community-inquiry-frameworkVaughan, N. D., Cleveland-Innes, M., & Garrison, D. R. (2013). Teaching in blended learning environments: Creating and sustaining communities of inquiry. Chapter 3: Facilitation. (p. 45-61). Retrieved from http://www.aupress.ca/books/120229/ebook/03_Vaughan_et_al_2013-Teaching_in_Blended_Learning_Environments.pdf