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False Claims

SAP has one of the lowest accuracy rates on what is stays to customers.


Companies like IBM, Deloitte, Infosys parrot what SAP says, but just want SAP services sales.

IT media and IT analysts are paid by SAP to repeat SAP's marketing and to rank them highly in Magic Quadrants, etc..

IT Media & Analysts

Realism on SAP

We provide the real story on open source SAP, and are not trying to sell SAP or SAP services.


Our research shows what is real, and what is not real and our accuracy on SAP is unmatched.

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Getting The Real Story WithSAP

Real or Fake?

SAP is a factory of exaggerated claims, and it is nearly impossible to find independent verification of what SAP says. Many "independent" sources are not independent at all. Most SAP project managers pretend to represent their clients, but are tools for SAP.

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Conflicts of Interest

Gartner does not list open source in its magic quadrants, only vendors based upon open source (for instance Cloudera). If a technology has no vendor attached, then Gartner does not cover the alternative -- because Gartner must be able to shake down a vendor.

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100% Conflicted Entities

100% Sales

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IT Media and IT Analysts

SAP distributes a large amount of money to IT media and IT analysts. IT media is primarily owned by conglomerates that seek to maximize profits and don't care what is true. Gartner/Forrester/IDC also only exist to maximize profits -- and SAP is the high bidder.

Realism on SAP

We research open SAP, and provide observations that IT analysts like Gartner, Forrester or IDG never would. We have been the only entity to call out many areas of SAP -- with our coverage of HANA and S/4HANA breaking with the pack, and being proven correct.

Is Money Driving Your IT Analyst?


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Our accuracy in SAP prediction is unparallelled. To make the appropriate investments in SAP, companies need accurate information that is free of either SAP's influence, or of the influence of quotas designed to sell consulting services, or of direct payments as in the case of IT media and IT analysts.


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