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Elevating Student Engagement

Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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About Genially

A single tool to create all kinds of didactic resources, presentations, games, interactive images, maps, illustrated processes, CVs, etc.

Ideal for all levels of education and e-learning.

3rd Pillar of Student Engagement:

Affective Engagement

Engaging Students:
With Less Technology

Extreme Makeover:
Syllabus Edition



Elevating Student Engagement With Less Technology

Session 3

Affective Engagement

Summative and enduring levels of emotion

Students identify purpose and meaning behind tasks

Emotions are closely linked to learning

Makes lessons memoriable

Gives greater context to material

Students are interested in stories (social media)

Tell More Stories

A Single Sticky Note

A Single Sticky Note

  • Hand out a single sticky note to students who contribute to the discussion (question, answer, or comment)
  • Do not give more than one sticky note per student even if they speak up more than once.
  • Encourages students to contribute in a way they are most comfortable.
  • Students encourage each other to get a sticky note!
  • Students can put name on sticky note and turn in to professor on the way out of class to earn points, etc.

Encourage a Variety of Participation

Brightspace Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Model

a “pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter” (The Flipped Learning Network, 2014).

Trivia/Review Games

Create non-grade type competition with each lesson

Positive impact on self-esteem of lesser-performing student

Creative incentives for personal milestones

Fosters enthusiasm and motivatation

Awards, certificates, release conditions.

Embrace Competition, not Comparison

Describe expected behavior


Describe the class format


Devise specific learning outcomes


The Syllabus

Learner Centered

Creates First Impressions

Provides Roadmap to Success

From the Provost

Microsoft Templates

Infographics Templates

Create an Awesome, Engaging Syllabus

Foster Competitiveness and Participation

Tell More Stories

Affective Engagement

Elevating Student Engagement



What is Flipped Learning?

Brightspace Helps Flip Classrooms

Name Generator

Random Name Picker

Keep The Score Leaderboard

Padlet Collaboration Tool

Ideas for Using Padlet in Higher Ed

How to Use Groups Tool in D2L