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Organizing Pages

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Level of difficulty:Basic

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Move your pages quickly and easily.

Discard content.

Give each page its own identity.


Clone a page with ease.


Page organization options

Delete pageClick on the eliminate page icon to erase a page forever. This action is irreversible so be sure that you want to do it. Click on the confirmation window so that the deletion will take effect.Within Grid view, you can also select multiple pages to be deleted.

RearrangeWhether in list or grid view, you can rearrange your pages to be sure they are in the right spot.To do so, simply click the page you want to move, drag it to the location you want, and drop.

DuplicateIf you want an exact replica of a page that you already have in your creation, you just have to hover over that page and click the duplicate/copy icon. The new page (copy) will appear directly after the original.

RenameWhen adding pages from a template, they will automatically have a "name" given to them. You can easily customize these names by clicking directly under the page.This is especially useful when using "go to page" interactivity to ensure you are connecting your pages exactly how you want or when adding pages from your other creations.



During the creative process, you'll want to ensure that your pages are organized in a way that ensures both coherence and smooth navigation through your creation.

There are two layouts for viewing your pages: List view and Grid view.

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