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Flute. Instrument fittings - Sept 14-18 during schoolRegistration Date - Sept 18thStart Date - October 1stConcert Date - TBD. Important Dates. Clarinet. Trombone. Trumpet. Expectations& Requirements. BSA 5th Grade BAND. Why Join??. Band meets EVERYMonday, Tuesday,Thursday,Friday7:20-8:05. Erin Anderson - Band Director. A seat for you. Parent's "HOW TO". Requirements. Expectations. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!ALL 5th grade students can participate if they neet the requirements and expectations.The following material:Instrument (rent or own)Name tag on casePencilFolding stand for home practiceUniform for concert: Black pants, Polo style White, Green or Gold Shirt, Black shoes and socks.. Exhibit good behavior and be a conscientious students in both band and other classes.Bring instrument and materials to all band classesCommit to band for THE SCHOOL YEAR. There is an attendance policyBand is EVERY Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 7:20AM-8:05AM. Parents must drop off students to participate. Provided. MusicMusic stands for band classCoverings for trumpet and trombone bellsFlute guard. Home. Flute. Polishing ClothCleaning RodProvided: head joint gurad. Flute Basics. Home. More Information. Clarinet. SwabReed caseReeds: Size 2 1/2 (maintain 3 reeds at all times). Home. More Information. Trumpet. Valve OilSlide GreaseCleaning SnakeMouthpiece Size 5CProvided: Bell cover. Home. More Information. Trombone. Slide CreamTuning Slide GreaseMouthpiece size 6 1/2Provided: Bell Cover. Home. More Information. Why join ??. It is a great place to belong. Friends exist in band throughout high school and beyond.. Band is a group effort that encourages thinking from "I/Me" to We/Us". Band is a start of a lifetime of making music.. EVERYONE PARTICIPATES!!. BAND IS FUN!!. Home. Contact Email. Contact Email