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Dr Marcus Mince469-593-7294Email: Marcus.Mince@risd.orgAssistant Principal - All Juniors (A-Z)

Daniel McKay469-593-7093Email: Daniel.McKay@risd.orgAssistant Principal - Freshmen (A-L)

Dr Veronica Cole-Yeo469-593-8923Email: Veronica.Cole@risd.orgAssistant Principal - All Seniors (A-Z)

Mrs. Sharonda Tims469-593-7005Email: Sharonda.Tims@risd.orgAssociate Principal - All Students

Ms. Kristy Cage469-593-7001Email: Kristy.Cage@risd.orgHead Principal - All Students

Mr. Gabriel Cabarrouy469-593-7004Email: Gabriel.Cabarrouy@risd.orgAssistant Principal - Sophomores (A-L)

Mr. Austin Gunter469-593-7093Email: Austin.Gunter@risd.orgAssistant Principal - Sophomores (M-Z)

Mrs. Jennifer Wynne469-593-7006Email: Jennifer.Wynne@risd.orgAssistant Principal - Freshmen (M-Z)