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New and expanded biometric databases are key to the EU’s deportation plans The aim is for easily-accessible data on all foreign nationals These changes undermine key data protection principles They increase the risk of racial profiling They will require massive investment in coercive infrastructure and personnel

1. Cutting rights to increase removals

2. Databases for deportations

3. New powers for Frontex

Negotiations are ongoing on proposed changes to EU law governing deportationsThe aim is to minimise peoples’ rights and increase state powersThere is no evidence the changes would be effectiveBut they would be more harmful to individualsIn particular, the increased use of detention would breach fundamental rights

The EU border agency has helped deport over 50,000 people since 2007, including to Afghanistan and IraqIn the coming years, the plan is for it to aid in the removal of 50,000 people annuallyRecent legal reforms give more powers to the agency Abuse on Frontex-coordinated deportations is known to have gone unpunished Safeguards and oversight mechanisms are weak and lack independence

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