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Accessible Online Course Content Guidielines

1. Syllabus

2. Documents

3. Audio and Video

4. Hyperlink Texts

5. Presentations

6. Tables

  • Headings are used effectively
  • Documents use sufficient contrast between colors
  • Images are captioned when needed

  • Provides closed captions, transcripts, and subtitles
  • Can be played without a mouse
  • Provides description of visual elements

  • Described in a concise manner (i.e. View "Creating Accessible PDFs"...)
  • Text fits the context
  • Longer links are described in two words

  • Text and background uses sufficient, contrasting colors
  • Fonts are easy to read
  • Images contain new text descriptions

  • Displays data
  • Has a unique label for rows and columns
  • All cells contain content

Sample Accessibility Statement

How to Create Accessible Word Documents & Google Docs

Sample Accessible Video

Reasons to Avoid using"click here" as link text

How to Create Accessible Tables in Word

  • States support for all students
  • Provides clear outline for course
  • Provides professor’s contact information and time availability

How to Create Accessible Powerpoints and Google Slide Presentations

The following is a basic set of guidelines for evaluating the accessibility of your online course content