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Accessible Online Course Content Guidielines

1. Syllabus

2. Documents

3. Audio and Video

4. Hyperlink Texts

5. Presentations

6. Tables

Headings are used effectivelyDocuments use sufficient contrast between colors Images are captioned when needed

Provides closed captions, transcripts, and subtitlesCan be played without a mouseProvides description of visual elements

Described in a concise manner (i.e. View "Creating Accessible PDFs"...)Text fits the contextLonger links are described in two words

Text and background uses sufficient, contrasting colorsFonts are easy to readImages contain new text descriptions

Displays dataHas a unique label for rows and columnsAll cells contain content

Sample Accessibility Statement

How to Create Accessible Word Documents & Google Docs

Sample Accessible Video

Reasons to Avoid using"click here" as link text

How to Create Accessible Tables in Word

States support for all studentsProvides clear outline for courseProvides professor’s contact information and time availability

How to Create Accessible Powerpoints and Google Slide Presentations

The following is a basic set of guidelines for evaluating the accessibility of your online course content