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The Hunt for Bigfoot

Start the timer. You have 15 min!

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You are trying to work out in what weather conditions he comes out. What was the temperature when he was seen (in degree Celsius)?

Look in the documents you have collected.

What was the temperature in Celsius?

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You need to interview the photographer of the most recent sighting, but where does he live?A=14 C=19, E=4 F=23 G=15 H=25 M=24 N=13 O=10 P=16 R=21 T=6 W=18 Y=8

Look in the documents you have collected.

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If the capital of Colorado is 8, what is the capital of Georgia? If the capital of Ohio is 2,what isthe capital of Texas?If the capital of New Mexico is 4, what is the capital of Hawaii?

<-Dover<-Columbus<-Austin<-Denver<-Atlanta<-Richmond<-Olympia<-Albany<-Concord<-Bismark<-Santa Fe<-Salem<-Trenton<-Boston<-Honolulu<-Augusta

Lots of people from all parts of the USA claim to have seen him, but where did he appear?

Add up the numbers you have found

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You track down the photographer in New York. He wants to make sure you are a Big Foot expert before he helps you. Study your notes.







Remember them all?

"What is another common name for Bigfoot?"Click the correct card.

"Where is he commonly spotted?"Click the correct card.


"What animal does Bigfoot resemble?"Click the correct card.


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"You are an expert! Just follow my map!"

Congratulations, you have found Bigfoot. You can claim your prize now.