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Key Women in Science

You can be and are one of these changemakers. What inspires you? Wha questions do you want to answer?


Chemist who discovered Radium. The first woman to recieve both one and two Nobel prizes

Marie Curie

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Marie Curie was a chemist and the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice. She studied rocks which seemed to glow in the dark eventually discovering the element Radium which we use today for many medical procedures including x-rays and radiation therapy. Do you see yourself studying rocks? Do you want to make a discovery that helps cure cancer? Maybe you want to be a geologist? or a chemist? or a biologist?

Chemist whose images allowed for the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA

Rosalind Franklin

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Rosalind Franklin studied chemistry in a time where not many women were respected members of the scientific research community. She is most famous for her work on imaging DNA. She took the famous "photo 51" which showed the double-helix shape. Watson and Crick used this image in their award winning model without her knowledge. Do you think that was fair? The shape of DNA was crucial to the understanding of replication and transcription (the process which allows DNA to create proteins). We know more about how our bodies work and why they are similar to our parents because of her discoveries. What questions do you have about how different substances interact with one another? About inheritance?

The woman attributed with writing the first coding langauge.

Ada Lovelace

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Ada Lovelace was a math prodigy who studied from a young age. Her notes on the creation of a machine are attributed to the first coding language which allows computers and other technology to function. Not only did her notes lead to our technology today, but she herself predicted some of these advancements over a hundred years before they occurred. Could you imagine writing all of the numbers telling your phone how to read your thumbprint? What about calculating the code for running a self-driving car? Could you see yourself designing a social media app or movie? You might consider studying computer science!

One of the mathematicians who made space travel possible.

Katherine Johnson

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Katherine Johnson exceeded in her study of the stars and could calculate like no other. Not only did she help make space travel and exploration possible, but she did so at a time that women and black Americans were often excluded from these studies. She paved the way for many scientists to reach for the stars and help in the study of the universe. What do you see when you look up? Do you know what makes the moon so bright or certain planets appear a blue color while others red? Maybe you would like to make the calculations to help people reach Mars? If so you might be on the road to becoming the next great mathematician, physicist, or astronomer.

A brilliant physicist who led the crucial "wu experiment" on radioactive decay.

Chien-Shiung Wu

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Chien-Shiung Wu studied the physics of how different elements interact. Her studies aided in the end of WWII. Additionally, she broke down many social boundaries in her field and became a professor who inspired many. Are you interested in how different elements interact? Can you take one particle and break it down into smaller pieces? If so, how and how many pieces? These are all crucial questions in the study of physics and chemistry today.