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I create effective, engaging instructional design. I'm an entreprenaur and a life-long learner. Let's talk about how I can create solutions for your business.Click on the link to find out where I've closed knowledge and skills gaps in the past.,Check out my degrees and a selection of my technical skills.,Jessie,Learning and development is an active process. Engagement is not icing on the cake - it is centrally important to creating change.,Education and Skills,Contact,Mathisen,Experience,STEVENS COOPERATIVE SCHOOL,Developed specialized instructional materials and methods which resulted in client success rates in excess of 75%, compared to a baseline success rate in the single digits.Partnered with clients to develop and implement curriculum to achieve specified outcomes.Analyzed client needs and developed long term plans and schedules to meet goals.Managed all aspects of founding and running New York Academics, including marketing, sales and hiring. Business had up to 3 employees in addition to myself.,2004 - 2016,Experience,2020-Present,NEW YORK ACADEMICS,Developed and implemented engaging elearning and ILT that achieved organizational goals.Redesigned curriculum to align with evidence-based instructional methods, improving learner outcomes and satisfaction.,Company Founder | Instructional Designer,2016 - 2020,Instructinal Designer ,Collaborate with clients to design effective, engaging elearning using innovative, interactive instructional design.,Instructional Design Consultant,UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND,Education and Skills,Tools,BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY,Instructional Design Bootcamp,2016-2018,1996-2000,Every course included instructional design and curriculum development projects.,Masters of Chemical and Life Sciences,Instructional designCurriculum developmentProblem solving for businessCollaborationPublic speaking,Minor in studio art,IDOL Courses Academy,2020-present,Badge in elearning design,Skills,Bachelor in Biology,Articluate Storyline 360Articulate RiseCamtasiaVyondPowerPointCanvaMicrosoft OfficeGoogle Suite