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Publish on many topics that lack comprehensive analysis.


We constantly publish information around SAP and Oracle. This, along with our previous publication, provides us with a constant flow of information from ongoing projects.

Allow the data to drive the conclusions, rather than vice versa.


The first step is determining the likely outcome of the case and presenting this honestly so that clients can determine how they want to proceed.

Identify faulty assumptions.


We leverage our research to inform all of the work we do in lawsuit support.

Include source material, promoting the good, critiquing the bad.


We take the case through the entire process.

Use visual aids to explain the research.


There are multiple attorneys required for a lawsuit. This includes the geographic differences related to where the lawsuit is filed. Rather than only having to use attorneys within one firm, we have the ability to flexibly work with different firms.

Arrive at a conclusion, without concern for the implications.


Much of lawsuits are about organizing information. We maintain the central database for the lawsuit. This allows clients to access the information as well.

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