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Saberes necessários à prática educativa


Ensinar exige pesquisa

Ensinar exige reflexão crítica sobre a prática

Ensinar exige curiosidade

Ensinar exige comprometimento

Prática docente

Pedagogia da Autonomia (Freire, 1996)

Saberes necessários à prática educativa

Ensinar exige corporeificar a palavra como exemplo

Ensinar exige consciência do inacabamento

INFORMATION SOURCESWhat resources the organization has to build / improve your OLE (tools, people , time , ... ) ?

CONTENTS CREATIONWhat kind of content you need to create and how fi ality ? What tools should I use? Who should create content?

INFORMATION SOURCESWhat kind of information do you need ? What sources of information should incorporate ? What tools should manage this information ? Who should be responsible ?

TYPE OF ORGANIZATIONHow is the organization and its members: type of activity performed , number of members , digital competence of its members , age of participants, group class (formal - informal) , type of relationships between members , etc. ?

CREACIÓN DE CONTENIDOS¿Dónde modifica la información? ¿Qué tipo de contenidos crea? ¿Qué herramientasusa?

ACTIVITIESWhat is needed to attain the ideal OLE ? What activities and strategies must be put in place for this?