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If Q1 is 59, what is Q2 ?

If Q3 is 83, what is Q4?

If Q5 is 9, what is Q6?

If Q7 is 48, what is Q8?

If Q9 is 78, what is Q10 ?

If good is 59, what is useless?

<-A11<-A14<-A13<-A5<-A3<-A2<-A6<-A 1<-A10<-A14<-A13<-A7<-A4<-A8<-A12<-A9



Make sure in settings "drag elements" is turned on.Move the battery up and down to get the answers.Replace questions (Q) with one part of the word pair and answers (A) with the otherE.g.Q: end of WW2 A: 1945Q Autor of Harry PotterA: JK Rowling



If Q7 is 7, what is Q8?If Q9 is 2, what is Q10?If Q11 is 10, what is Q12?

Remember:If Q1 is 1, what is Q2 ?If Q3 is 4, what is Q4A?If Q5 is 15, what is Q6?


Durchsuche die Papiere und schiebe sie hoch und runter.Search the papers and move them up and down.