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Each school will prepare a wishes letters for the other partners. The letters from other countries will be printed and they will decorate our collaborative Tree of Wishes. Finally we will have a ''Best Tree of Wishes Contest''.

Students 7 to 15 will create a collaborative Tree of wishes. We will decorate a real or drawn tree using wishes cards written by our students. Then will write in English their wishes for the new year and will hang the cards on the tree.

Project Presentation

Project Calendar



School presentation, logo contest.Common work: Art Gallery with students drawings for the logo.

Common work: country's presentation


Common work: Domino game.Best Tree of Wishes Contest.


Preparation of the cards and the trees.Common work: "The book of trees" and "The book of letters".

Our schools on the map

Our tree of wishes

Our project includes 143 teachers, 566 students from 24 different European countries.

School Presentation

This is our school the Primary school of Larimna in Greece and we are the 2nd graders!

Students Presentation

In order to have collaboration and share our work we create:

Facebook pageInstagram pagewhat's app group

Teacher collaboration

We discussed with our students about e- safety.Pupils played a kahoot game in order to learn the safe use of internet.They were also introduced to the TwinSpace netiquette.We also use the greek page for saferInternet4Kids

E- safety

Logo contest

We create our logo suggestion through the technique of polishing and gathered the most votes.

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First common activity: the Αrt gallery

We uploaded the drawings prepared for the logo contest and other pictures which our students enjoyed drawing.

Second common activitythe Interactive Map

Our students worked in transational groups and each group deepened their knowledge of a partner's country, looking for information about History, Art, Music and so on. We choose a Ukrainian song because in our class we have a student from Ukraine and we wanted to learn a traditional song.

Meeting our new Ukrainian friends

We connected online with the Ukrainian school and their teacher Tatiana Myronenco where we sang in each other's language a traditional song. Our communication has improved with the help of our own students mother from Ukraine .

Third common activity: Our tree of wishes

We wrote our wishing cards and the wishing letter and we decorate our tree of wishes.

Fourth common activity:The book of trees

We gathered all the pictures of our trees of wishes in a common book.Then we vote the best Tree of Wishes. The winner was Sofia Alanis and her pupils.

Fifth common activity: The book of letters

We wrote a letter with wishes for the new year and we shared it with our partners. Then we collected all the letters in a common book.

We create a New Year Domino with the students and teachers of the project as a gift for our students. We found the word that the image hid and put a picture of ourselves related to our tradition and the new year.

Six common activity: New Year Domino

Online meeting with the school of Ukraine

Online meeting with the school of Pallini, Greece

We use different tools like

google docspadletgeniallyfotofuniacanvamovie makerthinglinkemazegoogle mapskahootlearning apps


Project evaluation

A big thank to the students of the 2nd grade of Larimna Primary School, to their parents who are always open to new ideas and special thanks to those who supported us and helped us with their presence and their thinking.

We worked together, we worked as a team, we met new people, we learned so much!Our experience was fantastic!

Angeliki AndreadiPrimary School of Larimna, Greece