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The Onyx Body of KnowledgeGoals & Outcomes

Onyx advocates the use of Strategic Thinking, and applies its conceptual framework to a variety of contexts, including our course content organization


Study Skills

LifeLong Learning

Self-determined learning

resources & opportunities

Understanding who we are and what our values and beliefs are can help us to grow and become the person we want to be.

personal & professional growth


personal curriculum

Study SkillsTo improve your ability to study any discipline for any purpose.

Lifelong LearningYou will have learned how to effectively and efficiently approach the rest of your lifelong learning.

Self-Determined LearningTo introduce you to self-determined learning core concepts and central ideas.

Personal & Professional GrowthYou will have learned how to self-assess, create a personal curriculum, execute a study plan, and position yourself for lifelong personal and professional growth.

Resources and OpportunitiesTo provide you with resources and opportunities to start your self-determined learning journey immediately.

Personal CurriculumYou will have learned how to create a personal curriculum to start your self-determined learning immediately.