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Presentation of the eTwinning project Soil STEAM, that took place in the Kindergarten of Mesoropi, Greece - June 2020

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2019-20. Technology. Science. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics. Soil . S.T.E.A.M.. Greece - Turkey. Soil STEAM. eTwinning 2019-2020. Kindergarten of Mesoropi. Soil STEAM. Parents' briefing. Students' pre-survey. Making our poster. Voting for project's poster. Project's poster. Collaborative poster. Let's start project's investigation. Let's start project's investigation. Students divided in groups, brough information about soil and underground animals. We studied information about soil. We completed our mind map. Soil in our class. Soil in our class:We observed a worm in the soil!. Soil in our class:We planted seeds in soil. Reading books.... Watching video for a molein Greece. Online & digital games in our class. The parts of the plant. Soil Experiments. 1st experiment:Is there any air in the soil?. 2nd experiment:What pollutes the soil ?. Mathematics. Arts. Communication -Chatrooom. Communication -eTwinning Live Events. Collaborative painting with drawing andmind map. Collaborative story. Collaborative song. Students' final evaluation. Making our scarecrow. Roulis the scarecrow is placed on the soil to protect the animals that live under.. . eTwinning 2019-20. . Soil STEAM. We really enjoyed this project!!!. Thank you!. Sofia Gaki - Kindergarten of Mesoropi, Greece. . . . . . . . . .