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Corona virus issue 3 student voice


e-Twinners in quarantine

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resta a casa






restez chez vous

stai acasă

zostań w domu

μείνετε στο σπίτι

We can still communicate in quarantine!




Let's get digital !

Through my window...

Things we can do in quarantine!

Let's get poetic!

Interesting news !





Let's get digital !

Let's think about old people, about doctors and nurses, about lonely people, about boredom and loneliness, about love and fun at home, about friends we miss, about our dreams, about...

Klaudia Kowalik

Zakrzew, Poland

Wiktoria Żołynia

Zakrzew, Poland

it1nancy di

Anna Litwin

Alessandra Bucharest

Tell us what you can see through your window, share your thoughts about how things have changed or about how they are still the same...

Through my window...

PL1_Weronika Kowalska

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Click here and read about the view from my window!

Kamil Gryta

.......from my window


it1 Aurora mo

Through my window I see the trees, the garden, sometimes I see the flowers; there are some houses and there are the train tracks. There is a clean and clear sky. I see birds chirping and in the evening I hear crickets singing. In the street I don't see any person leaving the house and I am very sad about this, but I know that this will end, I hope as soon as possible.

PL1_Oliwia Polak

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The view from my window is so beautiful! You can see the backyard decorated with colourful flowers and a pond with a couple of fish swimming there. Open my file below to read the rest of the story...

GR1_Dimitris So

Through my window I can see the garden, the flowers, the trees and the bushes. It is April and the spring is already here.

Michał Ładziak

...........from my window

PL1_Hania Pater

It's Flag's Day in Poland today. When I'm looking through my window, I can see lots of greenery outside. The plants and the trees are blooming. It's so beautiful! There are also our national flags in the street and on the balconies.......

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it1 Nancy di

Through my window I can see a lot of houses, trees, chirping birds, flowers about to bloom, empty streets. There isn't the shadow of a person leaving the house, this saddens me, but I think that sooner or later all this will end and everything will return to be as before.

it1 Vittoria vi

Through my window I can see a lot of houses, trees and a beautiful blue sky. I love the spring and these sunny days make me happy and in a good mood. On the balconies there are many flags of Italy and posters "everything will be fine" with rainbows .

RO Alessandra Ilie

Through my window, I can see how happy all the animals, flowers, trees and insects are. I can hear the birds singing joyfully and some dogs are laughing because now humans are the ones who wear muzzles. The flowers are dancing with the wind. I can see the bees swarming around the flowers and taking their pollen to make sweet honey. Mother nature is very happy and well. Recently I have heard that the hole in the ozone layer completely closed while we were in quarantine due to the coronavirus and also the air pollution decreased to levels long forgotten and this makes me very happy. Only some of the humans are sad, but I don't really understand why. They now have the opportunity to see who their true friends are, to develop their patience and to practice some fun activities that there was hardly any time for, like drawing, singing, dancing or reading. I think we need to see the glass half full, not the empty one (because we don't see our friends in person). Through my window... I can see that nature feels free and very much alive!

it1 Clelia ru

Every morning I look out of my bedroom window and see beautiful high mountains with snow-covered peaks. I see the blue sky with slowly moving white clouds. Outside there is only silence, everything has stopped, time is suspended. The desire to return to everyday life remains alive, to be able to meet friends and family and to embrace them again. I am sure that all this will come to an end; soon we will be happy again.

Things we can do while in quarantine!

it1 Clelia ru

During the quarantine every morning I make video lessons with my teachers. In the afternoon I spend more time with my family, I read books, I listen to my favorite music, I watch films. I have more time for myself and for my hobbies. Although I can't meet friends, I make long video calls with them so we're not alone

GR1_Venia Sfi

First of all, you can exercise to be in shape. Also, you can repeat your previous lessons to remember them again. Finally, you can discover new hobbies to spend your free time.

Have time with your family and yourself! Exercise and do creative activities with your siblings and parents, or have a revision of your school lessons. Quarantine is bad and a bit boring but we can make it better with our positive energy! 🙂

GR1_Fedra Po

GR1_Athina Gia

Although the times are critical for eveyone and we should stay at home to protect ourselves and the people we care about, we can still spend our time on productive way. At the begginnig we can use Skype, Instagram and Face time to video chat with our friends. Also we can download aerobics or pilates videos for home exercise. In addition we can go on a healthy diet and learn how to cook new recipes with ingredients you may not be using already. We can learn a new style of dancing from Youtube and practice it until we make it perfect and we can write a list of things we are grateful for. Finally we can sleep as long as we can!

GR1_George Me

You can play video games, watch tv, do some exercises to keep in shape. You can also discover new things to do and read books

GR1_Sofia Da

GR1_Konstantinos Fi

We can go outside (two people maximum) and go cycling

PL1_Karol Pabian

Hello! During this time when I'm staying at home, I'm trying to do something new. I designed the tree of happiness. It took me some time but I feel proud of my work. Here it is

Jakub Zuń

During quarantine, I spend time on learning -hobbies -passions -reading books -execises -playing on console/pc/phone-watching movies

GR1_Vassilis Tso

We can play with our pets and teach them new tricks, we can also watch some films.

reading books

watching movies
exercises at home
games and activities together
baking cakes
learning a foreign language
cleaning the house

Krystian Flis

clean the house

play the computer and board games
read books
exercises at home
learn a foreing language
listen to music,
surf on the internet...
And above all do not leave the house.

Paweł Ładziak

it1 Vittoria vi

In this quarantine we can make a puzzle

learn to cook
play board games
make video calls with friends or relatives
listen to music
play an instrument
read comics
surf on the internet...

PL1_Hania Pater

During this time we may read books,write stories,listen to music .It's a good time to talk to our parents and grandparents, look at old photos and talk about old times, funny situations. Normally, we don't have much time to do this

it1 Francesco el

In this quarantine I spend a lot of time with my family, I watch films with my father, I do video lessons with my teachers, I am in video call with my friends and sometimes I make sweets with my mom

it1 Nancy di

In this period of quarantine I am trying to broaden my knowledge, so as to keep my mind trained. I read my favourite books, see movies with my family, listen to music, cook with my mom, video-chat with my friends and study every day.

In quarantine,I'm bored, so I do many activies. I study with my teachers in video call or I make some cakes with my mum. I play with my dog or with my cousin and sometimes I play with my friends online.

GR2_Eleonora Nta

Nowadays we can spend hours in our room so we could take some time to redecorate it. Also, we could watch a new series on netflix or read a book. Furthermore, we can have video calls with our friends. Finally, we can learn a new language or practise the ones we already know.

it1 Domenico er

it1 Aurora mo

In this quarantine I spend a lot of time with my family; in the morning I make video lessons and study, in the afternoon I chat with my friends, I play various board games with my sister and I watch my favorite tv series

news that made us smile or cry during those tough times.

Interesting news !

PL1_Krystian Pyk

I've heard that there was a serious fire around 20 kilometers away from my home. Look at this photo. It's so scary, isn't it? I have no words to describe it. The waste from chemicals was burning. There was a black cloud in the sky. It was so dangerous for local people and for the firemen who were trying to put out the fire. Fortunately, there were no victims. People living in neighbourhood areas were moved to a safer place. After 3 days' time, they came back to their homes.


I heard that a company donated thousands of free meals to healthcare workers!

I read that in some countries the shops and the nurseries have already opened and people can go out, but with a few limitations.

GR1_Maritina Da

GR1_Konstantinos Pa

During the global coronavirus pandemic, The"Greak Freak", Nbas MVP Giannis Antetokoumpo has sent a massive thank you to all healthcare workers.

GR1_Dimitris So

I read that the new incidents are increasing at a lower rate. That's very good news. That means that quarantine will be over soon and we all will meet again.

PL1_Hania Pater

I've read that we won't go back to school till 24 May. The public exams will be in June. It means that we will still have online lessons. I hope that we will come back to school in June. I miss my friends and my teachers!

Some hotels have offered many rooms for doctors and nurses to avoid the possibility of also affecting relatives. In my opinion this is a gesture of solidarity for these people who risk their health every day to help others .

it1 Vittoria vi

it1 Aurora mo

I read that we will not go back to school before September, I am very sad about this news, I would like to go back to school to be able to embrace my friends and teachers.

it1 Francesco va

From a scientific point of view, I think that the dolphins returned to live in the Gulf of Naples because with quarantine people don't use ships, ferries, cars, etc, anymore.; consequently pollution has decreased and all the animals take possession again of their territories which were lost for years;while from an emotional point of view,I think that these animals come to visit the countries which are highly affected by the Covid-19 to bring courage and hope; they seem to ask man :”Please do not pollute anymore!”


it1 Francesco el

During this time I heard on the news that in China they built a large hospital in a week, then I heard that the doctors are in the hospital all day without resting. I am very proud of them and I hope that this situation will be resolved soon

it1 Domenico er

I heard from the news that the Corona virus can also spread from air conditiong. I was so scared and I hope this is false news.

it1 Nancy di

In this period I have heard a lot of news about the corona virus. The most touching for me was the one which said that thanks to the stop of the railway network and all means of trasport, the seas and the air are cleaner and no longer polluted as before.

Let's think about old people, about doctors and nurses, about lonely people, about boredom and loneliness, about love and fun at home, about friends we miss, about our dreams, about...

Let's get poetic!


I saw a butterfly in my garden.

Happy and free.
I heard birds chirping.
So beautifully.
So carelessly.
No cars in the street.
No people on the pavement.
So unusual.

it1 Vittoria vi

There is nobody in the street

everyone is afraid.
Someone is in a supermarket
someone in a pharmacy.
Many people are in a hospital
and many others are up in the sky.
When I look through the window
it is as if I feel a void
a void of normality

To all teachers and students,


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