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Welcome to Bike for Good's Social Impact Report for the financial year 2019 - 2020. We hope you enjoy reading about our efforts to change lives through cycling!

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social impact report 19/20,a warm welcome from our active travel coordinator,I joined Bike for Good in 2010 as a Volunteer Mechanic, with basic bicycle repair skills. Far from my native Lithuania, it has been an adventurous ten years for me.I worked my way up to becoming an employed mechanic, and by 2016 I was a Shift Leader in the workshop. We were changing lives through cycling and it felt great to be a part of this.Last year, I seized an opportunity to move job into Active Travel, focusing on decreasing carbon-emitting modes of travel in Glasgow. We launched a short movie about cycling, community, and climate change, "Let's go!".I'm learning how to address barriers to cycling through conversations and learning.In 2019 we launched an online hub for all things cycling in and around the city of Glasgow called Aye Cycle Glasgow. In 2020 we will be launching new exciting projects and expanding our areas of focus, register for our newsletter to find out first.As you read on, you will see it has been an incredible ten years at Bike for Good and I can't wait to see what the next ten will bring.Keep on cycling!,Karolis Toleikis,vision,mission,a healthy and inclusive environment where everyone in the community benefits from more people cycling,we enable people to ride a bike - we believe that cycling is the most effective and sustainable form of transport, enhancing our chances for a healthy life and environment,skills and development,We are dedicated tochanging lives through cycling. Everything we do falls under one of our three key impacts. You'll notice these symbols throughout this report as you read on.,active travel,our 'why',health and wellbeing,highlights of 19/20,177 drivers of large vehicles trained to understand and support road cyclists through Practical Cycle Awareness Training,7007 hours of time were gifted to us by our incredible volunteers,1519 bikes diverted from landfill, saving 224 tonnes of C02 - the equivalent of taking 37 cars off the road,385 people utilised our Fix Your Own Bike service, enabling them to borrow tools and keep their skills sharp,63 people achieved a City & Guilds mechanical qualification to advance their employment opportunities,223 people received 1:1 cycle training to build and improve confidence,2020,2019,2015,2018,2010,2017,2013,2014,2016,2011,2012,10 years of bike for good,That's right! 2020 marks our tenth year changing lives through cycling. We have had a few different names, a few different locations, and many, many good times. Click for highlights!,active travel,Our Active Travel Community Outreach team focus on getting people to use bikes as their mode of transport for short journeys. They are passionate about the benefits that cycling has on the environment.Our VeloCommunities project offers free bike loans, support to start cycle commuting, led rides, and climate change awareness events - all to inspire people to make positive environmental changes.This year we directly engaged with over 2000people.309 led rides showed people new routes621 hours of cycle lessons helped223 people learn to ride a bike209 people developed road skills on our Learn to Ride group sessions25community events we held were attended by 2099 people7 inspirational trips helped 192 people to improve their cycle route planning.Funder: Climate Challenge Fund,case studies,active travel impact,571.9,tonnes of C02e saved due to active travel choices made by our participants this year,76%,of participants now feel able and confident to cycle for short journeys,click to read about our first ever outdoor advertising campaign,2019,2020,before,after,we asked our participants...,how aware are you of how transport impacts on the environment?,to what extent do you make transport decisions based on environmental impact?,refurbishing workshops,from donor, to owner!click to meet Katie and her new refurbished bike,We run two Revolve-accredited workshops, rescuing and refurbishing donated bikes and selling them as affordable modes of transport, and repairing bikes for the people of Glasgow.1519 bikes were donated to us in 19/20, saving 224 tonnesof C02 from entering the atmosphere.We sold 1766 bikes throughout the year, with 542 of these going to children. These bikes would have otherwise ended up in landfill, but instead they have new loving homes.We are proud of our Revolve accreditation, which is a quality standard awarded to second-hand shops in Scotland for meeting high standards in safety, cleanliness, and service.,nextbike,aye cycle glasgow,Another way we support Active Travel in Glasgow is through our contract to maintain and distribute hire bike scheme nextbike throughout the city.Thanks to our dedicated nextbike team, 29,0314 rentals were made this year through 2821 active memberships.This gives people without bike ownership a chance to experience our beautiful city on 2 wheels.,2019 saw the launch of Aye Cycle Glasgow, an online hub for all things cycling in and around Glasgow.Curated and maintained by Bike for Good, this website has proved a popular and informative resource for cyclists of Glasgow, attracting media interest and intrigue from the public.We welcomed 15,048 unique visitors to the site in first year who made over34,444 visits.Funder: Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund,employer services,Our Employer Services team work with businesses and organisations around Glasgow to help make workplaces cycle-friendly.We provide Dr Bike mobile repair workshops, fleets of bikes and maintenance packages, and we are an accredited service centre for the Cycle Friendly Employer award.This year we directly supported 870 people through their employers.Over 100 Dr Bikes were delivered to workplaces, at no cost to the employeesWe helped 18 employers pass their Cycle Friendly Workplace award2 e-cargo bikes were sold to organisations to help them transport goods more sustainably.,click here to find out how we supported NHS Lanarkshire Occupational Therapists,skills & development,Our Skills & Development Community Outreach team support and encourage people of all ages into cycling, particularly those not currently engaging in work or education.Our Bike Academy project offers an alternative learning environment where we engage young people in building bikes, learning maintenance skills, and developing themselves socially in a supportive space.This year we have supported 163 people.63 have gained a City & Guilds qualification, and 4 of these people have already gained employment in the cycling industry116 people have upskilled through maintenance classes40 young people participated in our Change Cycle Course, building their own bikes, working on soft skills, and gaining access to an affordable mode of transport.Funder: Henry Smith Foundation,case studies,skills & development impact,click to meet zain, our Community Jobs Scotland placement worker,Do you feel your confidence has increased?,Do you feel your wellbeing has increased?,Since the course, have you moved on to a positive destination?,Yes,Yes,Yes,91%,81%,65%,we asked our participants...,volunteers,100,volunteers engaged with us across our West and South Hubs,,hours of time were gifted to us by these community-spirited people,Charlie,Orla,Meredith,Hannah,Andrew,7007,Helen,These gems are the lifeblood of Bike for Good. We simply couldn't exist without them. In return for their precious time and hard work, we offer training opportunities and social connections.,click above to get to know some of our volunteers,health & wellbeing,Our Health & Wellbeing Community Outreach team focus on promoting the benefits of cycling on our mental wellbeing and physical health.Our Wheelbeing project creates block courses, in direct partnership with community health providers. The courses are a gentle progressive programme into cycling, supporting users to build up their confidence and reap the health benefits.Our innovative Bikes for All project supports people on low to no income by providing heavily discounted access to the nextbike scheme in Glasgow.This year Wheelbeing worked with 213 participants from 34 community groups, and signed up 76 participants to Bikes for All, enabling them continued access to a bike.313 Bikes for All memberships were given out in total.Funders: The National Lottery Community Fund, Paths For All, Climate Challenge Fund,case studies,24 minutes,from 199 to 223,increase in average active weekly minutes,Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,Title here,80%,life satisfaction,happiness,anxiety,before,after,health & wellbeing impact,our participants reported the following changes...,ONS measures of personal wellbeing,united nations sustainable development goals,click each goal to see our contributions,financial summary,income,expenditure,thanks to our supporters and funders,visit our hubs,join the community,thanks for another fantastic year!team Bike for Good