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,In my opinion you dont need amazing talent ,because you can achieve everything having confidence and engaging in everything you do to be better. Of course, happiness and family support also play a big role, but mainly determination and skills count .,How to achieve success in sport???,What skills do you have to have to achieve success?,All skills that you have to have to achieve success is preservence because sometimes you have to work for a long time to achieve something. Next skill is mental strength for the reason that sometimes you may have the feeling that you are not moving forward in achieving your goals, then sometimes people willing to suceed success are angry and they want to make everything better. The last last skill is just optimism because you have to believe that everything will go according to your plan.,What can stop you from the success? ,Hate and criticism from friends, as well as many failed attempts, can stop you from feeling the triumph and a sense of achievement. That is why you should not worry about it and do what you intended despite the hate.,and more..., Tips to succeed: ,self-confidenceimaginationfocusingintelligencecommunication,Thanks for your attention!Adam Tuszkowski 8b