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Every moment of every day, you face a choice. Am I going to be at cause for my life, or at the effect of someone or something else?


Are You AtCause or Effect?

Every moment of every day, you are making a choice













Undesired Results

At Effect

At Cause


Go around obstacles and pretend it doesn't matter

Breaking down the walls

never quite make it to the finish line

Celebration is key to continued success

Experiment to find a solution

what's the point? May as well bang your head...

dejected by your own lack of chutzpah

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a new vision for the future

Should I take the red pill or the blue one?

Desired Results ....Eventually

Surrender to the inevitability of failure

Experiment to find a solution

I am likely to be highly proactive

I eat obstacles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I relish the chance to take on new obstacles and problems

I enjoy experimenting with new approaches and solutions

I keep on keeping on until I get the results I desire

Getting a win is time to celebrate

I review what I learn and eagerly anticipate the next challenge

I am disappointed with my results

And don't get the results I should be given without any effort

I expect to fail

I tend to adapt until I pass and avoid the obstacles

I'm likely to react to circumstances

Which makes me realise that it's not worth bothering

Someone always makes my life difficult

A failure is great learning to what doesn't work