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presentation of 7 teachers of the new school of witchcraft and wizardry


OF showgart

the teachers

"Get ready to learn subjects never taught before"

the showgart teachers

Miss Delilah Soc is American. She looks competent, inspiring and not very strict. We are looking forward to welcoming her soon. She will teach History of Witches and Witchcraft, a subject for the second years. Students will use a textbook and the library to do some research on the topic.

Delilah SOC

Hannah kravchenko

Hannah Kravchenko was born in 1990, she is a Christian,

she is Ukrainian and she is virtuous. Furthermore, she is
a teacher in Showgart, where she teaches “Use of gemstones”.
Actually, this subject consists in studying different stones
to use their powers; indeed, stones have powers that
are sometimes coveted by all (such as the philosopher’s stone).

That said, to make use of the power of some stones, students must learn some techniques... for instance, to use the malachite’s powers, students have to follow a protocol : they must boil the Malachite in a potion mostly composed of spider venom, after 45 minutes students must say the spell “Lithos malak alea jacta est” holding their magic wand in both hands... If the protocol is perfectly followed, this stone will bring luck...However, if it’s not the case (and it concerns all other stones...), there will be undesirable, sometimes dangerous, side effects

Sadie HILL

She was born in 1990. She's a Jedi, she 's Canadian from Winnipeg and she's a great leader.

When you need to be in two different places at the same time, thanks to your magic wand, a beverage whose recipe will appear in your mind with much training and focus, and the spell "holographus pocus!" repeated three times, a hologram of you will appear in the second location and speak and react like you. Very practical, when you need to investigate about some mysteries in the school!

Chelsea Turner is British, she is evil and she was born in 1985. She is an atheist. She teaches an important yet dangerous subject : teleportation.



Indeed, teleportation requires a lot of energy and if you are not focused you can have serious problem such as fainting. Rumor has it that you could even die. You will have to use a specific spell that is hard to pronounce. Teleportation is great as you can get away from dangerous or awkward situations in less than a minute. But be careful: if you use a wrong spell, you could end up anywhere...

Alexander Hale is 26 years old. He is a Cypriot and a great leader, and even if he looks mild, he is tough. He always expects excellence from his students. He teaches Survival.

Aleksander hale

Indeed, any wizard or witch who is lost in an enchanted and creepy forest or in any hostile environment, without any wand or other magical instrument, must know how to fight back supernatural creatures and how to make a nest and look for edible food. This subject blends herbology, spells and the History of Merlin's wizardry in the forest of Broceliande. Students need flint and to learn twenty vital spells, to master water from the streams, to tame wild animals, to drive away bloodthirsty beasts...

Jennifer TURNER

She is British with an evil and unwavering personality. She is Christian and she is 35.

During her childhood, she learnt to fight back, as she was the only girl in her family: her mother died while giving birth to her, and she has seven brothers. As a consequence, she developed a very feminine personality. She has been teaching Reading Through People's Minds for three years at Showgart. Thanks to a mixture of magical plants, and a secret ingredient which belongs to the body of the person concerned, you will be able to hear the person's thoughts in a seashell, or to read them inside a clepsydra.

She was born in 1993 and comes from Croatia, she is one of the most mysterious teachers. Her subiect is animagic and her animal form is raven

Aria zora

so watch out: she may see you when you don't even know. about her beliefs, it's hard to guess she knows so many things about the three biggest religions, but no one knows which one she believes in. despite the fact that no one knows much about her, she is a good teacher.

Ken Cook was born in 1988. He is an American he is a Christian, he is a wizzard and he is very smart, patient, accurate, hard-working, nice, experienced and skilled in Time Control and punctual. His subject is Time Control and he is one of the best teachers from Showgart.


Diana Santos is a Brazilian teacher. She is 32 years old. She is a polytheist, and she is evil and paradoxically shy, but competent. She teaches voice enchantment; in her lessons, learn how to manipulate someone's mind and make the person or wizard or witch obey you thanks to the power of your charming voice.

diana santos

It requires a lot of concentration and you need a magical instrument, mostly a talisman to Watch while you are casting your spell.

Elen TRAVIS She is 32 and she lives in Australia. She is a very friendly person who likes talking to students.

She is fluent in six languages and she is a member of a gospel choir. She is keen on art, especially painting wild animals. When she was a teenager she used to be a ballet dancer. She is open minded and creative and also helpful and caring for animals. She will teach "language of magic". Lessons with her will be based on new words created at Showgart. That rely on know new words which are useful for magicians. Students can also created new incantations and they've got possibility to get to know meaning of some magical words and their creators.

Bahia SHARMA is a half-caste: her father is Indian from New Delhi, while her mother is Greek from Thessaloniki. With her pure, genuine and passionate personality, and because she is eagle-eyed, no student dares lie to her, and she is the Directress of Aquilaclaw house.



She teaches Time Travelling and Calligraphy, hence patience and concentration. Students need to bring their quill, which can be a goose, pheasant, peacock quill, yet she has a preference for eagle quills. Students have to bring a magical black ink from a supernatural creature called darkphore, which can become invisible thanks to a spell. Legend says that at dusk, she turns into a majestic eagle hovering the sky of Showgart, then returns to her human shape when it is dawn...