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Mrs le caignard N°1 4e



A new school year!

School rules!!!

In the english classroom

Look at the video, tale notes to know what you can or what you can't do!

Remember :Can = ?Can't = ?Must = ?Mustn't = ?

I can't eat chewing gum in class.I must work hard!

Now let's talk about your holidays!Look at the powerpoint!

Now complete the worksheet

Use the Preterite :affirmative form :Regular verbs : -Ed ex : I livedIrregular verbs : 2nd column ex : I wentInterrogative form : Did you go to the cinema ?Negative form : I didn't go to the cinema

Now it's your turn!

Talk about your summer holidays!

Work in groups of 3 or 4 : ask questions and answer them !!

To ask questions:

Word order ?Worksheet : interrogative pronounsexercises on pronouns



What did you do yesterday/last weekend ?

I went to the beach. So did I. (affirmative form)

I didn't do my homework. Neither did I. (negative form)

worksheet vocabulary : my activities in the past

Listen and take notes!


Answer the questions!

Click on the wheel!

Talk about yourself!

complete the worksheet, present yourself and then present a pupil in front of the class.