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lesson 2group 3-4,pet names with the pets rap,what pets look like and what they can do,to ask and answer questions,lesson goalsyou will learn ...,to do a survey,pets rap,pets rap,each group gets a different taskstand upclap your handswave your arms when you hear a pet that is/ can ...,click here to start the video,big,small,do the activity 3 xeach time the groups get a new task,swim,tail,fly,fast,slow,questions & answers,what do you have?,do you have a pet?,yes I haveI have a dog,no I don't have a pet,survey,you need 1 sheet of paper and 1 pencil,survey,do you have a pet?,yes I haveI have a dog,what do you have?,no I don't have a pet,charades,act out a pet,first with the whole class, then in small groups,,guinea pig,,,,hamster,tortoise,parrot