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Nature-based Solutions project overview RHDHV


Marconi salt marsh developmentPilot to obtain knowledge about the stimulation of salt marsh growth in a natural way.Read more

Marker WaddenDevelopment of a bird paradise combined with the improvement of the water quality of lake Marken by using fine sediments from the lake.Read more

Mud motor Koehoal Using dredged harbour sediments to stimulate salt marsh growth.Read more

Pilot clay ripeningBeneficial use of dredged sediments by clay ripening. Ripened material may be used as construction material. Read more

Room for the River Waal Reducing flood risk in combination with benefits for nature and recreation.Read more

Mekong Delta Plan Integral coastal protection plan for Vietnam with attention for mangrove restoration and sustainable aquaculture.Read more

Coastal erosion masterplan Colombia Integral coastal protection plan for Colombia whereby proposed measures are based on Nature-Based Solution principles.Read more

Oyster reefs Bangladesh (ECOBAS)Combatting coastal erosion and producing food by cultivating oyster reefs.Read more

Reuse of dredged sediments, AustraliaApplying dredged sediment from the navigation channel for coastal protection.Read more

Climate adaptation strategy Zwolle Broad climate adaptation strategy with guidance on how the municipality should take into consideration climate effects in urban planning.Read more

Coastal protection plan TaclobanIntegral coastal protection plan for the city of Tacloban in the Philippines in which opportunities for Nature-Based Solutions, such as mangrove restoration for coastal protection, are included.Read more

Sandscaping Bacton Large sand nourishment for long-term coastal protection with benefits for nature and society.Read more

Comprehensive urban water strategy HobokenAward winning urban water strategy against flood due to flash floods and storm surges.Read more

Solar salt farm CambodiaSalt farm development combined with social enhancement and protection of valuable mangrove areas.Read more

Research program Natural lake markenResearch program on defining suitable measures to obtain a resilient and robust ecological situation in a fresh water lake. Part of the program is the contruction of a wetland with very soft sediments (mud) from the lake.Read more

Reinforcement Houtrib dikeDike reinforcment in sand with benefits for nature.Read more

Field measurements Ems-Dollard estuary International field campaign to gain a better understanding of the processes affecting the turbidity in the Ems estuary. Read more

Sand engineLarge sand nourishment for long-term coastal protection with benefits voor recreation and nature. Read more