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Gates is accused of being indirectly responsible for hundreds of thousands of children being paralysed in India due to vaccine campaigns he sponsored, according to many posts which appeared inFrance,Italy, andGermany.

Asimilar hoax in the UK claimed that both the virus and the vaccine were already patented, and that the vaccine was owned by the Gates Foundation. InGermany, Gates’ quotes have been truncated to make him appear to say that he’s making a 2,000 percent profit from vaccines.

InFrance, many claim that he wants to take advantage of Covid-19 to implant “microchips" through vaccines in order to "label" and geolocate the population. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whichpromised $250 millionto fight the pandemic, funds a wide range of research projects on public health and vaccines. But these kinds of posts mix up, falsely interpret or exaggerate various projects and statements, creating misleading stories.

In Spain some people attributed a letter to him in which he supposedly said that the coronavirus has a "spiritual purpose", that he is "the great corrector" and that he "is here to teach us some lessons that we seem to have forgotten". No one has ever seen the letter. Another common method of producing false narratives online is with doctored pictures: in France and Italy, people shared a photo of a real Foundation building with a doctored inscription reading “Center for Global Human Population Reduction”.

Another unsubstantiated rumour has also been associated with that a patent for the new coronavirus was filed in 2015 by the UK-based Pirbright Institute which received, among others, some funding from the Gates Foundation. The patent does exist, but this claim was also based on the incorrect assumption that there is only one coronavirus.

Although coronaviruses are a broad category of viruses which includes the common cold or SARS, that exercise became the most widely used "evidence" against Gates, appearing in similar publications in France, Spain, Italy and UK. The general idea is to say that Gates created the virus or, at least, that he knew it existed before the pandemic.

An exercise to simulate what might happen if there was a severe pandemic, fueled the first accusations. The simulation, called "Event 201" ran in partnership with the Gates Foundation and was based on a coronavirus. It took place several weeks before the first known cases of Covid-19 were publicly identified by Chinese authorities in December 2019.