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RYA sailing courses and charters on Bavaria 38s


Trafalgar Sailingpost c19 planning

Life goes on, but in a different way in a world with a Pandemic....

We have had time to reflect. So now we take a step back and evaluate how best we can run RYA sailing courses in a healthy and safe environment. We know everyones situation is unique. So to help us accommodate you best, please take a min and tell us what is important for you.

We recommend you get together with friends and charter the school yacht exclusively. The charter price is just £2200 for up to a group of 5 so in fact it is cheaper than the individual price £550 per person. Or you can charter between 3 of you andeach have your own cabin. This will be safer for everyone onboard.

If chartering is not as option for you we can introduce you to others looking to share a charter and update you when we have shared school yachts for individual travellers.

your options

1.Do you want to go sailing in 2020 or wait till 2021?2.Is chartering the yacht with friends an option?3.Are you willing to share the yacht/cabin with people you have not met? With max 5 onboard, people will have to share cabins. Are you happy to share a cabin?

4.If you are willing to share the yacht, would you prefer everyone does a test when they arrive? Anyone testing positive would not be able to join the course.5.Do you prefer to just join the yacht with others without anyone being tested?6.Have you already had the virus and been tested?

international travel

Which country will you be travelling from? We don't want to spread the virus by mixing people from many different countries who do not know each other. But you can sail together with friends from overseas. And we can introduce you to those who are looking to sail the same time as you, so you can choose who you are sharing the yacht with.

U.S. and South America not yet confirmed.

Spain plans to open borders to Europe by July.

what wecan do

we all have a responsibility to look after those more vunerable than ourselves.

We will work from home and keep safe and healthy avoiding public places so we do not get the C19 and spread it. If you can too please do.We will make sure the yacht is professionally cleaned between charters/courses.Where possible we will order your food and drinks to be delivered so you do not have to go to the supermarket.We recommend you bring your own sleeping bag but if you don't have one we can provide clean bedding.We will choose carefully where we sail to.We will be patient, if there is a 2nd wave of the virus we will postpone charters/courses. You do not have to pay a deposit till you know you can travel to Gibraltar safely.

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We hope to see you on the water soon...


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