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Publish on many enterprise software topics.


We cover topics ranging from analysis of specific vendors and applications/databases to custom development, cloud service providers. We also review the IT media and IT analysts and supply chain, planning applications and topics.

Fact checking


Part of what we do is fact check the material produced by vendors, consulting firms, IT media and IT analysts. We routinely find highly inaccurate information published.

Sell pre-existing research.


The IT media and IT analysts are highly controlled by the largest software vendors. Our research has illuminated this connection and demonstrated the preferential coverage based upon financial bias.

Cover topics not covered by other outlets.


Part of the site, or a subsite is only dedicated to estimation. This includes TCO, project planning durations, honest vendor ratings, and application analysis. This subsite has numerous online calculators. Ream more atSoftware Estimation.

Calculation and estimation in enterprise software.


We perform and sell research that gets into a level of depth the IT analysts never get to. Rather than having analysts who have never worked on an IT project, we have very significant implementation experience. Here is one example.

Produce customized research.


We also produce custom research. This research, like the pre-existing research is delivered through the website, and is sold under a license allowing a maximum number of users to login for a set price. Read about this atBrightwork Licensed Research.