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Ideas on how learners of English can practise speaking English by themselves


Tips on how to practise your English-speaking skills by yourself

find a news article in english.choose a paragraph.read it out loudas if you're a news anchor.film yourself while reading.

Practisesayingonetongue twisterevery week.

you're famous.someone's interviewing you about your hobbies.Record yourself speaking about them.Include lots of details.your fans want to know everything!

while watching A FILM or TV Series, pause the videoand repeat the lines that you like.

Record yourself saying the same sentence three times.

Narrate out loud what you or somebody else is doing/seeing/hearing at a certain moment in time:'I'm watering the plants.It's sunny outside.My sister's listening to music.'

LIP Synctoyourfavoritesong

Choose a short paragraphfrom a Book in English.Read it out loud.Film or record yourself reading.

learn and performa short speechfrom a movie

Each time stress a different word.

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