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Missions. Intro. Characters. Map. Get through the project tasks. Breakout from STEMlaboratory. Your mission is getting through the project tasks.Escape from the STEM laboratory!. Your mission is getting through the project tasks and get out of the STEM laboratory.. Intro. Get trough the project tasks. + INFO. Stem education brings together the discipline of science, mathematics, technology and engineering skills and integrates it into our curriculum. We developed 6C skills ,critical thinking, collaboration, communication, hurtfulness, citizenship and character education behaviors in this project. We developed responsibility skills in our children. We tried to provide a learning environment full of curiosity, critical thinking, questioning, and innovation. They practiced occupations and saw which occupations are better. We also developed English language skills. We showed our children how to use technology with various web2 tools.. Characters. Zuzana Pokoraczká ZŠ Hronské Kľačany Hronské Kľačany, Slovakia. Judit Suszterné Fükő Bulgárföldi Általános Iskola Miskolc, Hungary. Project partners. Tevfik EraslanŞerife Akkanat İlkokulu Selçuklu, Turkey. Students of our classes. Umut Şencan ATATÜRK İLKOKULU Laçin, Turkey. Map. Our schools on the map. Project partners are fromSlovakiaHungaryandTurkey.. Hello friends. Welcome to our project!. This month's work will include posters, logos, project presentations and Codeweek week. You can invite friends who want to work in our project. I'm going to upload the next month's stem lesson plan. It will be about the layers of the world. We will create a product that shows the layers of the world. I look forward to your work. School promotional videos will be prepared. Our students meet each other.. Created by Umut Şencan. Created by Umut Şencan. Created by Judit Suszterné Fükő. Next page. Turkish students created a puzzle game on Jigsawplanet, the students of other schools played with the game.. Press the puzzle piece. Europe Code Week 2019. We registrated our activities to the map of EU Code Week. Answer the question and you will discover the direction of the next stage. Umut Teacher's. Judit Teacher's. Zuzana Teacher's. Who's poster was used in puzzle game?. Misión 2. Locked. Locked. Misión 4. Locked. Misión 3. Mission 1. Great work!. The next project task is to acquire knowledge about the layers of the Earth. Locked. Misión 4. Mission 2. Completed. Misión 3. Locked. Watch the video than drag and discover . Drag the Earth and press the blackboard. We have prepared the book of the layers of the Earth. Everyone chose a layer. Our partners presented each layer.. Our common book. Children's learning and ICT abilities have been greatly improved in this task. They have learned to search for information independently through search engines, and to filter out material from a large body of information. They have learned to create a document, copy and paste text and an image. Attach a document to an email and send it to the teacher. Our class is bilinguar so they made the task in Hungarian language as well as in English.. Which eBook author did we use to create the shared book?. StoryJumper. Quiver Vision. You must answer some questions before. Animoto. Concepts and symbols to be used in the course:Skin, Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Sensory Organs, Robot. Sense organs. Recognize the sense organs. Protect the health of the sense organs.. A daily life problem:Mehmet is a chemist. His work deals with substances that can damage the sensory organs. Can we make a hand that can help Uncle Mehmet carry these harmful substances?. Sense organs students' work. Sense organs students' work. Manfred. Mehmet. Michael. What was the name of the chemist, who needed a helping hand?. Concepts and symbols to be used in the course:Sketch, sketched, rectangles prism, graphics. Sketch work. Main discipline gains: Makes the definition of sketch. Sketches the neighborhood of the school.. Daily Life ProblemAli, an electrical engineer, will erect electricity poles in the neighborhood where our school is located. He wants to make a sketch of the neighborhood where our school is located. Can you help Ali, the electrical engineer?. The neighborhood of the school. The whole city. The neighborhood of their home. What did the children have to sketch?. Concepts and symbols to be used in the course:light, reflection. Light. Explains the basic features that characterize the substance. A daily life problemAhmet and Daniela want to make a movie. They made the distribution of duties such as director, actor and screenwriter in their classrooms. They want to pull on their mobile and watch them all together in the classroom. But there is no computer or projection in their classrooms. Would you make them a tool to watch?. Continue. Watch the number!. Completed. Misión 2. Completed. Misión 4. Mission 3. Locked. Our common product of living things. Play the game!. >. Press the arrow. Which occupation can be related to the previous task?. Answer the question and you will discover the following clue. software developer. doctor. agronomist. The answer contains the first two numbers of the final enigma. >. 14+3. Mission 4. Completed. Misión 2. Completed. Completed. Misión 3. The last figure is the result of 27/9. Enter. Enter. Unlocked. Try again. Completed. Misión 2. Misión 4. Completed. Congratulations you have completed all the missions!. Completed. Misión 3. Completed. Şerife Akkanat İlkokulu . Laçin, Turkey ATATÜRK İLKOKULU. Hronské Kľačany, SlovakiaZŠ Hronské Kľačany. Miskolc, HungaryBulgárföldi Primary School. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong