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Entering Spain as a Non-EU Citizen. Sources. . . This ruling does not apply if the person is entering the country while in transit to a third country, or on way back to their own country. They may still be required to produce a personal, non-transferable, fixed-date ticket proving this.. What can be used forthis?. Are there any exceptions?. What is required?. By Gandia Lawyers. There have been updates to Article 6(4) of Regulation (EU) 2016/399 that govern the movement of people across Schengen borders. These updates specify new proof of financial means that non-EU foreigners must provide in order to stay in Spain.. LINK. This applies to all foreign nationals entering Spain who are not subject to EU law - ie. non-EU citizens. Who does this apply to?. What has happened?. To prove their financial means one can use:CashCertified chequesTraveller's chequesReceipts or credit cards with acceptable corresponding bank statements. Foreign nationals entering Spain must in all cases be able to prove that they have at least the equivalent of EUR 855 - regardless of duration of the stay.For longer stays, they must prove they have the equivalent of EUR 95 per day for each day of their stay