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Our eTwinning team is 6 years old, 28 different aged Ss are collaborating in ONLINE AND HEALTHY and enjoy doing exciting activities together while dictance learning.

Some of our eTwinnersin times of Corona

Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg Paderborn, Germany

The eTwinning-project-team in Paderborn consists of 10 students out of two classes. Even though they were sitting exams, they were highly motivated to join this adventure. It is their first eTwinning project and it seems as if they have a lot of fun:)

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Our life in times of Corona

Gymnsaium HarmonyTernopil, Ukraine

Our gymnasium is a structural unit of Halytskyi College. Only 143 students aged 10-14 study here which makes our school even more organized and friendlier.While working on the project, a lot of students were engaged in different activities - creating logos, writing their ideas of what pandemic situation means to them, shooting videos.taking part in online meeting.

Ventspils Secondary School No. 2

Ventspils Secondary School No. 2

Students from from the 12th and 11th grade took part in the project and got to know many new friends. They enjoyed getting to know life in other countries.

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Bremerhaven, Germany

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our etwinning team

Kharkiv school # 91

We have been working in eTwinning since 2015. Our team is from Ukraine, from Kharkiv - one of the biggest cities in Ukraine

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Kharkiv school # 91

Our memories and tipsKharkiv team

Our activitiesKharkiv school # 91


Cherkasy school № 7, Cherkasy Ukraine

Ternopil Classical Gymnasium

Our experience during corona time

Our experience during corona time


Our experience during corona time