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Partner countries

Italy - Greece - Spain - Portugal - France - Turkey

The project aimed at fostering reading experiences in the native and foreign languages by sharing ideas, reflections, comments, materials related to the selected written works among partner students.

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School year 2019/2020

The students introduced themeselves by talking about their reading habits and recommended a book to their partners

The Happy Prince

The students read this short story by Oscar Wilde and collaborated in international groups to create new versions of the story and work on its main themes.

Books you can't miss!

We built a multilanguage living library with all the books that can't miss on our bookshelves. Each of us recorded a short video while reading a passage of the book in their native language.

Lamb to the Slaughter

After reading this short story by Roald Dahl an extended version was made of it by writing dialogues and monologues in international groups

Twin bulletins

Each month a twin bulletin has been released with reviews, in-depth analysis, results of our collaborative works


A multilingual website gathers all

the works done by the students about native language writers from the partner countries

And much more...

Twin Library