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Restyling Genially,New Look For A New Era,,,"We’ve done a restyling. This is a process of self-analysis and transformation that makes a brand without losing its essence or personality: what makes it unique.",,Jesús Maestre, Art Director,Our logotype:The basic unit of genius.,Shapes were simplified, the font was revised and smaller elements were readjusted.,While the underlying brand image is consistent throughout, the widening of our color palette will allow you to find small chromatic differences depending on the platform and the content you access.,A use of vibrant but measured color,And clearer and more legible font,,Our visual universe,Use photographic texturesElementos geométricos flotantesmore references to digital resources (such as windows, buttons, etc),The Allys have grown, and we’ve made them much more diverse in color, clothing and style so that anyone can feel comfortable and identify with our universe and values.,And the Allys, of course!,It's time to enjoy it!,,A new era.Inspired actions.Awesome ideas