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Anodyne No.31 Sport Runner Grey/Orange is a lightweight Women's Diabetic Athletic Running Shoe you genuinely want to wear that's lightweight that provides all-day comfort that utilizes a no-tie elastic lace.


N0.31 Sport Walker

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Width: Medium | Wide | XWideSizes: 5.5 - 10, 11, 12Colors: White | BlackUpper: Action LeatherClosure: Hook & LoopWeight: 7.3 oz

How to care for your shoes: Download PDF

Shoe & Insert Break-In Period• Wear your new Apex footwear and inserts for 1-2 hours in your home, preferably on carpeted surfaces.• Inspect your feet for any redness.• If redness persists, consult your shoe fitting and/or health care professional.• If no redness appears, wear your shoes around your home for one to two days while periodically checking your feet for redness or uncomfortable rubbing.• If they are comfortable, they are ready to be worn outside!Cleaning & Polishing Leather Shoes• Leather shoes should be regularly cleaned and polished.• First, remove any dust or dirt with a damp cloth or soft brush.• Cream-based polish is recommended.• Apply shoe polish with a clean, dry cloth or soft brush.• Allow polish to dry and brush to finish using a soft brush and/or buffing cloth.• Follow the shoe polish manufacturer’s directions.• Do not machine wash.Cleaning & Caring for Nubuck/Suede Shoes• Use All Protector or suede cleaner for shoes.• Remove any dust or dirt with a soft suede brush or cloth.• Do not machine wash.Cleaning & Caring for Stretch, Lycra, Athletics, Knits, Canvas and Wool Blend Shoes• Remove dust or dirt with a soft cloth dampened with well-diluted mild soap and water.• Allow to dry naturally.• Do not machine wash.Cleaning & Care Instructions for Oiled Leather Shoes (LT410M, A4000M & A4100M)• Small creases and scuffs in leather can be rubbed out using fingers.• Oil in leather will cause it to lighten over time. • Leather is water resistant, but shoes are not waterproof.• Remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth.• Do not machine wash.PDF


Recreational Walking


Anodyne No.31 Sport Runner White is a lightweight Women's Diabetic Athletic Running Shoe you genuinely want to wear that's lightweight that provides all-day comfort that utilizes a no-tie elastic lace.

Understanding DiabetesDiabetes can cause nerve damage and poor circulation that can be hazardous to your feet. Wearing extra width and depth shoes can help alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, or hammer toes for a more comfortable fit. For more information please contact us at: (612) 334-3159.

Walking / Running Shoe

Protection: No Metal – metal can often irritate and damage the skin, and in rare cases, sewing needles and staples may accidentally be left in shoes and, in turn, cause serious damage. Recognizing this potential hazard, we’ve circumvented any such exposure by eliminating absolutely all metal components from our shoes. In addition, every pair of shoes is run through a metal detector prior to shipping.Antimicrobial Treatment – in order to ensure our shoes are 100% hygienic, we spray the inside of every pair with our proprietary, Anti-microbial Protectant before shipping. This 100% natural, anti-fungal and anti-microbial process naturally reduces 99.9% of germ, virus, and bacteria exposure.

Protective Toe Boxprotective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing

Shoe CloserHook and Loop with No-Tie Elastic Lace.

LiningAnodyne has designed all styles with the absolute minimum number of seams. By avoiding excess seams, you lower the risk of possible irritation and complication.

Indications include foot problems associated with:DiabetesPlantar FasciitisCornsCallusesSwollen FeetOsteoarthritisRheumatoid ArthritisBunionsHammer ToesMorton's NeuromaInjuries involving tendons, muscles, and bones (e.g. Achilles Tendonitis)

Padded Collaran alternative to leather, our collars prevent possible irritation where the material meets your ankle

Padded Tongueprevents foot slippage and ensures proper fit

Long-Lasting ShoeUse of top-quality materials and construction helps prevent wear and tear and makes for a longer lasting shoe