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Juego sobre el pasado simple en inglés en primaria


singers knowledge

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When was Freddie Mercury born?

What was the name of the song you sang of Freddie Mercury?

What was the group of John Lennon?

When was Michael Jackson die?

What film did Michael Jackson play?

Go back three steps!

Who was Eunice Katheleen Waymon?

Whom was Michael Jackson married?

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How old was Janis Joplin when she died?

Who coached Aretha Franklin as a singer?

How was Simone Known?

Name the most famous hit of Michael Jackson

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How did John Lennon die?

What was the name of the song you sang of Michael Jackson? (

What is the Freddie Mercury's band?

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What was the name of the first band of Michael Jackson?

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What is the name of Avicii’s song?

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What did Janis Joplin study at the university?

YOU DIE. Go back to 'Start'.


0 - Choose your character.

1 - Press the stopwatch

2 - Roll the dice.

3 - Go to the square on the board according to the number you got.

4 - if you miss, go back one step!

5 - But if you are right, stay there and roll the dice again! (Only twice)