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Lesson 1
Group 3/4



lesson goals

1 learn a song

2 learn about pets

3 guess which pet it is

4 draw and present a pet

5 play a pets game

let's learn a song

sing it 3 times

which animals did you see in the video?

which animal is not really a pet?

a dog is a pet

a fish is a pet

a mouse is a pet

a cat is a pet

a bird is a pet

a lion is not a pet

what animal am I?

animal charades

draw a pet

present your pet

this is my pet
my pet is a ...
my pet has 2 ears
my pet has 2 eyes
my pet has a tail
my pet is soft
my pet's name is ...

matching game


sing the song again



difference animal/ pet

draw and present

play a pets game

the end
well done!