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TwinSpace tools

As a virtual classroom the TwinSpace is not only a central meeting place in the project it also provides the necessary infrastructure to organize, implement and document project activities with a range of tools.



Teacher bulletin

Project blog


Online Meetings







Pages are elements in the TwinSpace that help to organise the project. They allow the Project Space to be divided into meaningful units, thus clearly structuring the project topics.Pages consist of a title and a content part. The content part offers a variety of design options. The titles are displayed as a navigation menu, which you can use - similar to small websites - to get to the project areas.

The Materials Area is a central repository in the project, where all files, images and videos used in the TwinSpace are collected. There, the content can be organized into folders or albums and provided with additional information.Pages have direct access to this pool for convenient use of the materials in the project. This means that content can be integrated and presented on pages with just two clicks.

The Members section provides all project participants with an overview of the user group (teachers, students and, if applicable, invited guests) and allows members to contact each other via their personal pinboard. Teachers also have access to a user administration for inviting members and administrating their roles and permissions in the project.

The teacher's bulletin is designed to facilitate quick information among teachers in the project. It is located on the TwinSpace homepage and only visible to teachers. As some sort of bulletin board, it can be used to inform project partners about current content and dates for example.

The project blog is used to publicly document activities and to showcase what is happening in the project.Since it is always and per se visible to non TwinSpace members, too, all milestones presented here should be in line with copyright and data protection rules and selected carefully.

TwinMail is the name of eTwinning's own messaging system, which works on the same principle as e-mail.

For direct exchange, the TwinSpace offers the possibility to meet live via videoconferencing. These online meetings can be booked by the teachers of the project groups for sessions of up to 90 minutes.

The chat is a tool for synchronous communication based on text messages between TwinSpace members. It can be used by the entire project group of the TwinSpace. Chat transcripts are available for teachers to download for three months after a session.

The voting tool complements the range of functions on pages. It allows simple polls with a single-choice selection and displays results clearly in the form of bars.

The forum is one of the major communication areas in the TwinSpace. It contains a discussion platform to exchange information on specific topics in a transparent andstructured way in the project.

The Messenger shows who is currently online from the project group and enables direct chat communication with these online contacts. In contrast to chat, communication via the Messenger is only possible bilaterally and is not logged.

The TwinBoard is a versatile digital pinboard for the presentation of content.Whether text, video, image, file or online resource - with the TwinBoard, project results can be presented in an appealing way, ideas and topics can be collected together, presentation rounds can be arranged, opinion pictures can be obtained, (logo) competitions can be held and much more.