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ENGLISH DAY 2020,Colegio Virgen del Pilar,Escape Room,Hogwart´s Mystery,start,Harry, Ron and Hermione have been imprisoned in Azkaban by The Dark Lord. To help them escape we must find the lock code of his cell.Hogwarts will help us, and Dumbledore has hidden clues around the castle and its surroundings to help us on our mission.Do you join us? Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life?Let's begin...,Sigue los pasadizos secretos de la imagen. Cada uno os llevará al lugar donde encontraréis las pistas para descubrir el código secreto. Cuando tengas los 5 números dale a la lupa para descifrar el código y la sorpresa final.,Great dinning Hall,The secret code is...,Mission 1,Mission 2,Mission 3,Mission 4,Mission 5,All the clues are hidden, use your magic wand in all missions to find them,Todas las pistas están escondidas, usa tú varita mágica para encontrarlas en cada misión,OllivandersWand shop ,Look for the first tip!,back,Keep looking,back,1,1,9,Try again!, Well done!,The first number of the secret code is number 3.,1,9,5,back,Here you'll find the 2nd number,Keeplooking,How do you say vacacionesin English? ,spring,holiday,summer,How do you say vacacionesin English?,spring,holiday,summer,Where do you live?,Madrid,ball,friend,Where do you live? ,Madrid,ball,friend,Which word is correct? ,catt,rabit,owl,Which word is correct? ,catt,rabit,owl,Try it again,Well done!,The second number of the code is number 5,Quidditch,back,Here you'll find the 3rd secret number,Keep looking...,ARE YOU READY?,There are 5 questions about it.,LOOK AT THE IMAGE,* Clic para ampliar,e,back,What is the animal on Harry's hand?,A parrot,A dog,An owl,WELL DONE!,Next question,It's an owl,Try again,SORRY!,He is serious,Next question,GOOD!,He is happy,He is excited.,He is seriuos,How is Harry?,Try again,SORRY!, They are white,They are brown,They are black,What colour are Harry's shoes?,GREAT!,They are black,Next question,Where are they?,At the living room, At the library,At the kitchen,Next question,They are at the library,GOOD!,In the stairs,At the chair,Where is Harry sitting?,On the books,Harry is sitting on the books,Click to discover the number,EXCELLENT!,How many best friends has Harry Potter?,1, 2,3,¿Creías qué ya has teminado?...Te queda una última pregunta, si fallas vuelves a empezar...,Harry has 2 best friends. Ron and Hermion. The third number is 2.,Next mission,YES!,Try again,SORRY!,back,Here you'll find the fourth clue.,Potions class,Are you good at Maths?Maths are very important to make potions.Find the next clue to help them.,Solve the multiplications,Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,Slytherin,back,five hundred ninety two,two hundred fifty-two,five hundred eighty two, six hundred ninety two,74 x 8 = ?,five hundred ninety two:592,two hundred fifty-two,five hundred eighty two,six hundred ninety two,Godric Gryffindor,You have gained the courage of:,Rowena Ravenclaw,five hundred sixty six,one hundred and seventy six,five hundred and seventy six576,four hundred fifty one,You have gained the wisdom of:,63 x 3 = ?,one hundred and fifty five,two hundred and forty nine,one hundred eighty nine,one hundred ninety nine,96 x 6 = ?,five hundred sixty six,one hundred and seventy six,five hundred seventy six,four hundred fifty one,one hundred and fifty five,two hundred and forty nine,one hundred eighty nine189,one hundred ninety eight,Salazar Slytherin,You have earned the cunning of:,four hundred twenty eight,three hundred twenty eight,eighty-four,one hundred and sixty two,82 x 4 = ?,four hundred twenty eight,three hundred twenty eight328,eighty-four,one hundred and sixty two,Helga Hufflepuff,You have earned the loyalty of:,Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,Slytherin,Congratulations!,The third number of the lock code is number 2.,Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,Slytherin,Try again,Try again,NONO,Keep looking...,GameOver,Start again,Congratulations!,The fourth number of the lock code is number 8.,back,Here you'll find the last clue,Keep looking,Now you have to find the word that is not in the picture (click on it).Use this dictionary if you need it.,Glasses,Wand,Cape,Castle,Broom,Scar,Cauldron,Tie,Shoes,Trees,Try again,Wonderful! The last number of the secret code is number 1.,3,3,5,3,5,2,3,5,2,8,3,5,2,8,1,E,R,R,O,R,Congratulations!,You've made it!!,HAPPY SUMMER 2020,Colegio Virgen del Pilar,Send to your English teacher the secret code to have your prize.,Profesor Dumbeldore,,Now you are a member of the MAGIC SCHOOL,CONGRATULATIOS,HOWARTS MAGIC SCHOOL,S,,Libro 1,G,,,Libro 2,H,LOREM IPSUM,T,You are a great magician