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By: Catalina D'Aiutolo, Julieta Drogo, Maximo Vidal, Azul Don y Agustín Beyer.

John and the Monarchy By

King John I of England

John became king after his brother, Richard I, died in France, and he inherited a weaked monarchy.



Strategies John used to build up the monarchy

He colected new land tax

He modernized the government

He force the Church to make him Archbishop of Canterbury

He increased his control over Ireland and Wales, and built up forces in northern England.

The king of Scotland signed a peace contract with john

The Cretion of the Magna Carta

The barons renounced their feudal ties to the king and revealed against him. So Jhon had no other option than agreeing to Magna Carta

The Magna Carta contained 63 conditions told what the king what he could an couldn't do. And when John rejectled the conditions, another rebillions leader by the barons started.