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Flowmet™ Coriolis Mass Flow Metersfacilitate fuel consumption and bunkering monitoring. The meters accurately measures fuel in ton, litre or Kg by measuring the inertial force created by the movement of fluid through the tubes.

Shipulse™ Dashboardembedded in the ECR gives crew onboard a real-time overview of vessel performance during actual operations. The crew are in control to take corrective actions to optimise vessel performance.

Torquemet torque metershelp to identify causes of vessel inefficiencies by measuring and monitoring key performance indicators from torque and power transferred from the main engines to the propellers.

Shipulse™BunkerXchange is essential for crew onboard to have real-time visualisation of bunkering process and full visibility of bunker profiles. Transparency of data collection makes bunkering on vessels more efficient.

Container ships today transports 90% of the non-bulk cargoes worldwide today. There are 7 major size categories of Container Ships (click to learn more):Small Feeder, Feeder, FeedermaxPanamaxPost PanamaxNew PanamaxUltra-large

GPS location data of Container Ship is acquired by theShipulse™ DAS (Data Acquisition System).

Independent Satellite Communication Unit for transmission of data acquired by theShipulse™ DAS (Data Acquisition System)to the shore server.

TheDAS (Data Acquisition System)integrates with all onboard sensors to transmit data via satellite and GSM network to the Shipulse solution on cloud.

Data from Engine ECU is acquired by the Shipulse™ DAS (Data Acquisition System).