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Vilniaus water pollution

LitteringLukas Gaudiešius, 8bLittering is the worst thing in our village Telšiai. You can find rubbish everywhere.People do not even try to clean up. It is very frustrating to look at our village, then in every corner I see only sad faces and rubbish. Animals are disappearing from pollution. The weather changes greatly summer to winter and from winter to summerI think littering is one of the biggest causes of global warming. Littering is harmful for people and animals. You can see how littering effects people’s lungs and how many animals died trapped in plastic containers.One of the biggest thinks we can do to stop this is to show people motivational movies, build more trash cans. We can teach each other how bad it is to throw rubbish on the floor. How bad it is for us, animals and world. We can replace the most dangerous rubbish – plastic. We can change it to paper or metal for multiple uses.We need to love our world and take care of it.

Be quiet!Simas Civilka, 8BWhat is the problem?Noise pollution is a dangerous thing, you can not see it, but it affects our lives very much. It is causing health problems for people and animals, both on land and in the sea.Why is this happening?It is caused by cars, trucks, buses, planes, ships and a lot more. In the residential areas- loud music, constructions and crowded areas, is a big factor too. The animals that communicate through sound, sometimes get lost and can not find their home because of loud noises. Noise from ships and human activities harm ocean animals. Of course, people suffer from noise pollution too. Loud sounds can cause hearing loss, stress, and high blood pressure. In my case, there is a highway, Vilnius- Molėtai- Utena, that causes a lot of sound, but there are special fences, that suppress the sound.What should we do?We can use electric cars, close our windows and doors, move to a noise-free living areas, use earplugs, build fences for highways. We could plant more trees, because they are good noise absorbents. If everyone does their part, we can make a difference!

SAVE THE PLANETRomualdas Jansonas, 8BWhat’s the problem?Our local environment is suffering from large amounts of waste. People do not care about the consequences of littering. This problem is especially relevant in the area that I live in Zirmunai.Why is it happening?There are many reasons why people nowadays choose to litter. One of them is that people do not feel responsible for what happens to things after they use them. They think that someone else is going to clean everything up. People do not understand that they have a responsibility to look after the environment and do what is more convenient to them. That is why there is a lot of litter in the streets. Another reason is that there are not enough trash bins. This means that people, who would like to take care of their trash responsibly, are unable to do so.What can we do?To tackle this problem, first of all, more trash bins should be introduced. This would encourage people to not drop their litter everywhere. Secondly, people should be educated about the consequences of their actions. The government could create informative leaflets or even prepare initiatives that would encourage people to keep their surroundings clean. Finally, the amounts of non-degradable waste could be reduced significantly if the government created new laws banning plastic packages and changing them to more environmentally friendly ones.

Water disaster in Kuršių MariosEma Broškaitė, 8bWhat’s the problem?Kuršių Marios are very polluted! Lots of animals and fish die because of this water pollution. I think this is horrible.What’s happening?(Industrial waste from the company “Grigeo”)There are a lot of ways to pollute water, but I’m going to name the main ones that pollute Kuršių Marios. The most common one is just littering. People just can nor find a rubbish bin to throw out their litter. Many fish and birds try to eat the thrown away rubbish in the water and die. We also pollute water by the leakage of the landfills near Kuršių Marios located near Priekulė village, the rubbish “mountains” leak toxic or contaminated liquids that reach our drinking water or seas. Another type of water pollution is global warming. It is not good for Kuršių Marios because water temperature rises and the water is not suitable for the fish to live anymore. And the last one is industrial waste, the industry leaks toxic and ignitable materials to the seas or rivers.How can we stop it?To stop littering we can use more recyclable products, or organise a clean-up day. RECYCLE can be a solution for all of the problems, make your own compost or donate things you do not need any more instead of throwing them away to stop the leakage from the landfills. If we want to stop global warming we should buy LED light bulbs, it consumes less energy and saves money, if possible replace petroleum running cars into hybrid or electric cars, or just use more public transport. And to stop industrial waste we should avoid buying bottled water, we can replace it with a reusable metal bottle, consider a waste exchange and reduce the amount of packaging.

Save energyDeividas Volodkevič, 8BWhat is an Energy? Energy is capacity to for doing any work. Both energy production and energy utilization are the indicators of our country progress.We have type of energy sources Renewable Energy source and Nonrenewable Energy Source. Renewable Energy Source, Renewable energy source is which that can be replaced endlessly. Top 3 sun, wind, water.Non-renewable energy source Non-renewable energy source is which that can be replaced upto a limited period after which its supply runs out like fossil fuels , wood , nuclear fuels.How can you help world saving energy at home. Switch off lights and fans while leaving rooms. Use energy efficient tube lights and bulbs. Use public transport. If you will follow the who I write you contribute to the saving of the world.

Why do we eat contaminated food?Marija Mikalauskytė, 8bThis problem is encountered almost all over the world in this contaminated soil. This is also encountered in my city of Gargždai. Contaminated soil has a significant negative impact on plants, animals and human health.Soil is polluted due to irresponsible human economic activities, pollutants enter the soil with precipitation. It is also a big problem that it fertilizes the fields with untreated wastewater and that the machines emit a lot of unnecessary gases. We also do poorly by fertilizing the soil with nitrogen fertilizers.We can stop if we fertilize the soil with organic and mineral substances.Also use public transport or cycling to minimize the release of gas into the environment.Last suggestion is don't to fertilize the soil with untreated wastewater . Also let’s use less all kinds of chemicals. Let us protect nature to have a good life in the world! 😊

What a big problem it really is?Gabija Strolytė, 8BWhat‘s the problem?The biggest problem on our planet is the depletion of energy and water resources.Why is it happening?The problem is that people do not save energy at home. They do not turn off lights when they leave the houses or rooms, so they spend more money unnecessarily as well as the dwindling energy sources of the world. People use baths instead of a shower that consume more water and this still reducing groundwater and drinking water.What can we do?We need to save electricity – turn off lights when we leave rooms or houses, use candles or fluorescent light bulbs. We also need to save water - use shower instead of a bath or arrange the dripping taps. And that is how easily we can save the Earth.

Forest pollutionDžastin Jasiulevičius, 8bForest pollution In the Bendori forest, forest pollution has been going on for a long time because people who live nearby or people who go for a walk and throw their rubbish in the forest don’t realize it’s polluting it and later say why this forest is so dirty and disgusting.The consequences of this are very sad; the animals are dying because they are eating the rubbish we throw away. The forest is being emptied.How to solve this problem? I think it would be good to build rubbish bins in the forests like in Vingis Park, I think at least some pollution would be reduced. It would still be possible to make a separate website, for example in the forest of prosperity, which would send photos of what a polluted forest was and some people would come to that place in a forest and tidy up a mess and be able to hang a camera on a tree.

NatureMartynas Šetkus, 8BWhat is the problem?In Vilnius, our forests are polluted.What is the causes/affects?Dumping of trash and human waste into tributaries from overcrowded cities has resulted in seriousforest pollution in Vilnius.Animals are losing their habitats. Acid rain is one of the problems too.What is the solution?We cannot use disposal plastic forks, plates, cups and we can use instead just normal forks, cups, plates.When we go to the grocery shop are taking a disposal bag instead, we can use cloth bags.When we drink soda or water from the plastic bottles we usually throw them away, instead we can recycle them.

LET‘S BREATHE CLEANER AIR!Gabija Vaščenkaitė, 8BWhat is the problem?Air pollution problem is very serious all over the world, because it harms human health and environment. This problem is also relevant in my hometown Vilnius. The growing number of cars and continuous combustion processes are the major cause of poor air quality in Vilnius.Why is it happening?The air is polluted by the substances entering it. The problem is that the sources of air pollution are caused by human activity. We born fossil fuel and waste. We also pollute air with vehicle emissions and agricultural activities. We harm the air when the factory process emits harmful substances.What can we do?We should find ways to prevent, control and reduce air pollution. A good solution would be not to use fossil fuels and replace them with solar and wind energies. We could also use electric and hydrogen vehicles instead of diesel and gasoline. Another idea is avoid burning leaves, trash and other materials. Also we can reduce trips by car and use more bicycles.If we do these things, we can breathe cleaner air in the future.

Land pollutionAugustė Kvedaraitė 8b Land pollution the biggest part there is garbage (paper, glass, plastic, household waste and other). Pollution nature makes a bad impact air pollution and global warming. Dropper paper, plastic pollute the environmental. Fallen glass may cause fire. Problems can be solved. Should be delivered more glass, paper, plastic, household waste containers and remember to sort. Manage the environment, collect garbage.

Let's save our city togetherMiglė Vyšniauskaitė, 8bOur climate in Vilnius is changing. Many of the climate change is caused by gasses, air pollutants. They have a big effect to our health and environment.Big air pollution in the Vilnius appears because a lot of people user's cars. Also, air pollution rises because in the city there is a lot of working factories. Air pollution causes serious consequences for our health and it shortens our lifetime and it also harms the environment and ecosystems.If we wanted to stop it, we can reduce air pollution by turning off lights, computers, air conditioners and other appliances when not in use. Also, can reduce air pollution by planting more trees and plants, using public transport.

Vilniaus water pollutionErnestas Buinovskis 8bWater pollutionPeople pollute water supply by throw trash in the water and all animals die from plastic.Problems:Next to my yard there is a lake so I so drunk people just throw plastic bottles in a lake and I got mad.And poring car oil in a lake. And that can make all animals die from toxic oil.But the next day I was swimming and I so some glass in a lake bed.Solutions:But you can pick up trash from the water.And also you can help by removing trash from the animals body.Also you can buy a special pump to collect all of that oil.But now the lake is clean. And I hope it stays like that for ever.